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Herbal ointment and bath for the foreskin loosening

About Prepucare baby

About Prepucare baby

After applying Prepucare baby,the soft tissue will become more elastic, which will make it much easier to pull. Due to its properties and composition, it is very unique on the market!

To enhance the effect, it is great to combine it with an herbal bath, which you can find at the Alta Herba shop here >>

The ointment is also suitable for adults and girls with Labial synechiae.


Package 50g contains:

Oleum helianthi (sunflower oil), Cera alba (beeswax).

Vaseline is a mixture of vegetable oil and beeswax.

Herbal extracts:

Seed linseed (Thymi herba), Thymi herba, Hyperici herba, Calendulae flos (marigold), tannins *, pectin *, flavonoids *, sucrose *, mucus *.

* part of herbal extracts


Try to pull down the foreskin GENTLY, and then apply a thin layer to the area around the foreskin.

The foreskin must be completely healed before lubrication.

Use twice a day to alleviate the problem.

We recommend combining

Prepucare baby bath - herbal mixture for the foreskin loosening

We recommend combining Prepucare baby with Prepucare baby bath mixture for maximum effect. In our e-shop, we offer 4 variants: 100 g, 200 g, 500 g, 800 g.

Package contains:

Seed linseed (flax), Althaeae herba, Herba urticae, tannins *, pectin *, flavonoids *, sucrose *, mucus *

* part of herbal extracts

Bath preparation instructions:

Pour 3 l of cold water over 40 g of the mixture and let it macerate for 12 hours. Then drain the herbs and pour them into the tray in which the child ( or adult) sits for about 20 minutes. Then lubricate with Willy ointment.

Use min. 4 times a week.

You can leave the bath until the next day, reheat, and use it again.

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No pain - no trouble

Willi Ointment will save you and your boy

Prepucare baby in homemade vaseline

Ointment that will save you and your little boy from trouble. If you have a boy at home, you may be aware of how difficult dealing with a tight foreskin can be. Only a small percentage of boys are completely unaffected by these problems. When they arise parents are often in need of medical advice. In worst cases, these issues can lead to smaller or larger surgical interventions which paired with the therapy that follows these procedures, is oftentimes a nightmare for both the child and his parents.…

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A word from the expert

Prepucare baby is an ointment that helps solve the problem of phimosis, which is a thickening of the foreskin that is problematic to pull over the glans. This is a very common phenomenon in young boys and often results in unpleasant surgery. Annoyances, however, can be prevented by parents. The ointment should be lightly massaged into the foreskin; the swollen edge of the skin will gradually begin to soften. Slowly and gradually pulling the foreskin over the edge of the glans will solve the problem. It must not be applied by force to prevent cracks from forming. The ointment can also be used for infants.

MUDr. Ivanka Kolomá - general pediatrician, professional cosmetic services

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Our natural products are not loaded with any harmful substances such as SLS, SLES, parabens, petroleum oils, silicones, and the like. They do not contain any or a minimum of mild preservatives approved for natural cosmetics.

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